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Hoppy Refresher is a sparkling, non-alcoholic hop water crafted with a big splash of refreshingly crisp flavor and a cistrusy zing.
100% sparkling. 0% alc, cals or carbs.

It's Hoppy Hour!!! Hoppy Refresher is a healthy, thirst quenching sparkling hop water, perfect for those
non-alcoholic occasions allowing you to fit in socially

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Scan the QR code for $5 Back when you purchase ONE 12-pack of Hoppy Refresher Variety Pack, or TWO 6-packs or 4-packs of Hoppy Refresher. 

Sparkling water? NA seltzer? IPA-inspired Refresher? However you see this clear beverage, we view it as a fresh take on an old tradition... A variation on a theme of 25+ years of edgy brewing at the edge of brewing. Massively dry-hopped like other Lagunitas brews, but without the alcohol, carbs, cals or gluten. Whoa

Hoppy Refresher is a zippy and zingy highly carbonated dry-hopped sparkling water with a pinch of brewer's yeast to biotransformate the hops and pull out aromas of bubblegum, zingy lime, lemon, tangerine and a bit of pine.

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